Taj Mahal Palace hotel Mumbai website

Update Dec 1, 1300hrs GMT

The Taj Mahal Palace hotel Mumbai website seems to have turned off its reservation feature. There’s a link to separate page with the anchor text of “We are working to restore a symbol of Mumbai’s enduring spirit and dignity.” It leads to a site titled “Special Situation” which seems to be a well structured statement responding to the attacks. The writing I feel has a dignified tone that seems quite appropriate.

The original post:

While Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel in Mumbai underwent a siege, its website (as of Nov 29th) was and even now is still accepting reservations.

The screen shot below was taken around 1300 hours GMT on Nov 29th). 

Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel website screen shot
Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel website screen shot (click to enlarge)

In all fairness the Taj Hotel group website had regular statements issued on its home page as shown in the screen shot below. However even this looks oddly out of place/disassociated with the reality of the situation with the promotional flash movie that is the dominant element of the page. 

Main Taj Hotels website screen shot Nov 29 2008
Main Taj Hotels website screen shot Nov 29 2008 (click to enlarge image)

Understandably I doubt that the Taj site was prepared to respond to such a horrific event. Particularly tricky is the fact that the company operates other hotels across India and the world. 

Which brings up the questions: How should the website respond when its physical institution suffers a terrible catastrophy. Specially when they are helpless to respond against something like a terror attack. Particularly in an industry like travel/hospitality? Something the Sri Lanka tourism industry must be very good at managing.  I suppose its all about crisis communications and continuity planning – but outside the jargon, how do YOU think a hotel industry website should respond?


9 thoughts on “Taj Mahal Palace hotel Mumbai website

  1. Cernomate, I think this Hotel crisis was awefull.But, then Indian response was pathetic, like Keystone cops geez, man ! Our Special Forces & Commandos would have been there in no time ! And it’s sorry to see those ill equiped Indian Police, carrying 50’s era SLR rifles Sten guns & even WWII enfields ? Oh, give me a break ! Black Cats where the heck were they ? Let these idiots destroy a beautifull Architectural edifice ? Geez, sheer incompetence. And during the gunfire, you still have gawkers around the darn hotel ? What ? Have they heard the word securing the perimeter ?

    Taj Mahal Mumbai….What a Beauty !


  2. do u really think it was just 10 terrorists? hard to comprehend 10 men can carry out a coordinated attack on multiple places, kill so many and take so many hostages. Indian security screwed up big time, I think it’s very possible some of those murderers simply disappeared among the civilians – not a hard thing to do in a city of 13 million.


  3. Rajarata: Yeah the Indian “intelligence” establishment bungled it. Then again, before Pearl Harbour, the US military had less tanks than the Rumanians. I suppose it takes a tragic shot to force people to get their act together.

    nuwan: You have a good point there – about both the number of the attackers and possible escapees. Haven’t been able to keep up with the news lately to confirm anything.


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