Facebook Girls (facebook is gossip software)

Facebook get more use as off-line gossip software – something that doesn’t documented often. The location was a weekend lunch with Mrs C’s girlfriends and their spousal units – it went on way past dinner. Crawled home before midnight. Not that is was dull. Staggeringly amusing and the gossip was jaw dropping. I never realised that such few people could know so many. Even by Sri Lankan standards.

It started when after the dishes were cleared, someone hauled forth a wifi laptop and started showing off a friend’s facebook page. There was an extended goss session about this friend’s fashions and lifestyle. Which then expanded to cover this friend’s friends and relatives – links on face book pages helped in the flow. Each facebook page led to shower of new increasingly hilarious anecdotes. And off course they all knew the people being dissected. The nutty fashions, the affairs, the odd quirky habits, school yard weirdness, the slimness/fatness of sorted people. I must admit there were pictures on those sites that prompted me to ask “were they thinking”?. Clear not, If I had recorded the dialogues I’d have enough material for several “Running in the Family” type novels.

Other spousal units lay sprawled oblivious on assorted couches. Their slumber assisted by Scottish  apple juice. I on the other hand already know the value of staying sober at such “get to gathers”.

As much as I enjoyed the free entertainment, it confirmed in my deep rooted  aversion of Facebook and its demonic spawn. You never know how your embarrassing details are being dissected in a sitting room on the other side of the planet. I now know far more than I care to know about other people. Perhaps you are one of them. Chances are we will be meeting during at least one of this seasons wedding. But fear not – I don’t have the memory to keep up with the names, faces and scandals. Until on the way home, spousal unit says – “that person you were talking to by the buffet table…”


11 thoughts on “Facebook Girls (facebook is gossip software)

  1. i so agree. its utterly irritating that people put up a million pics of me and i have no idea about it. I manage to untag myself but i have no idea who’s browsing them. Eek…! I actually have no idea why i’m even online. Hmm..think I’m going to go off it anyway.


  2. Hahah Scottish apple juice? 😛 Anyhow yes, guilty of said autopsies of other people’s profiles but only when we have absolutely nothing else to do and most of the time it’s people we know but dislike.

    The entertainment found in those poser types who take about 50 pictures of themselves in albums called “me, myself and I” are just priceless hours of mockery 🙂


  3. RD Definitly not. The Devil can’t take take decent photographs 😉

    Vindi: Its the kind of free entertainment that makes Hollywood execs sweat – until they figure out how to make “Face book the movie with Anjalina J”. Then the reality T.V show will follow. Scottish and Hindi version will follow closely behind. 😐

    The horror the horror. Still its better than being trapped in the Wanni 🙂


  4. Ms. Spice: Good point – perhaps the reason why I avoid such photo sessions 😉 Though the pics the girls were gossing about were pics of the person who “owned” each face book page.

    Foxhound: Hmm an interesting metaphysical statment – its going to take a blog post to explain that 😉

    Angel: A sign of wisdom! 🙂


  5. Cerno,

    agree completely that it is evil. peer-networks like FB generally exist, in the US, to signal worthiness and status-level in a culture of (until recently) status-commodity consumption (you’re not middle class until you acquire a starbucks habit, an Iphone, a cardigan from xyz, etc.)

    I leaned on it to stay connected with relatives (on too many continents) but realized it doesn’t bring anyone closer or keep people in the loop.

    it is, however, an excellent ‘real friends’ filter. (but only after deleting your account)


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