7 short lessons about blogging (after 675 days as a “blogger”)

675 days after my first post I can say I have sorted out the things that work and don’t in the medium. I’m certainly not an expert but at least I’m better at sorting the fluff from the stuff when it comes to the endless reams of “blogging advice”. There’s a lot more analytical SEO optimised blogging tips out there. This stuff by contrast is from the gut feel that I’ve developed over the “centuries” 😉

Needless to say it works for me. Here goes:

  1. If you don’t enjoy writing about something it’s not worth it unless you  trying to make money out of it.
  2. Trolls = Spam. Clean them out accordingly.
  3. Avoid writing about the same topic more than once every 7 days unless it is a continuation of a long piece spread out over many posts or a sudden mega relevant news event. Otherwise YOU will get bored.
  4. Funny youtube flicks are life savers on a dry/too busy spell
  5. Blogging takes more time than you originally thought or will have in the future.
  6. Professional blogging is a far more serious, time consuming thing than a “personal” blog. Obvious but needs to be said (see above).
  7. Never never never ever ignore your gut instinct about the choice of topics or timing of a post. If you mess up you’ll learn something valuable. Otherwise you (and your blog will benefit in some way)

Perhaps I should say not to use brackets in the titles 3 posts in a row but that would be too nit picky no?

Try not to wreck the weekend by over loading the reactor core. Please.


Indi’s comment below does a jolt of seriousness to the frivolity of this post. It also reminded me of what I said in a on a “10 questions” post on blogs we luv  More than an year late I still wouldn’t change a thing.


8 thoughts on “7 short lessons about blogging (after 675 days as a “blogger”)

  1. I’d add (if you’re not totally anonymous), don’t blog about family, talk shit about people who read it, blog about internal work issues, etc.


  2. Many congratulations on the 675 days Cerno, that is indeed a milestone.

    My addition would be: Just relax (unless you’re a professional), inspiration will alaays turn up somewhere.


  3. Thank you Cerno, for your efforts to keep us entertained. (That you do well).
    Thanks for the lesson too, a break from RD’s stealth ones! (Which I enjoy very much too!)


  4. RD Thank you 🙂 Another 324 days to go till I hit the 1K mark 😀

    Nishadha: Cool! 😀

    kalusudda Thank you 😀 Happy to hear that this particular ramble was of some use. Though I think Indi and RD had more practical advice 😉


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