Definition of Cool

I’d say some where around 25.98231 and 26 Celsius. Cheerful sunlight not too hot sunlight with plenty of shade to enjoy it in. Cue the breeze – gentle enough not to ruffle the paper on a table. Or flip the pages of the book for you. Humidity should be civilised enough not to make you sweat but high enough to avoid shrivelling to a dehydrated husk. 

Such conditions are usually attained through artificial means in Colombo. Particularly by the coolest people in Sri Lanka.

But enough about me. What’s YOUR definition of cool?

Post Script

Darwin has a scientific example which is very cool. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Definition of Cool

  1. Anything above 20C is hot for me. My private space, my office, which comprises of two rooms attached together, never has a heater on, it is something like 16C now. But everyone else keep everywhere else at toasty 20C. But it is Friday night and as soon as Miss Fukuoka comes home, we will go out and get hot!


  2. Eyeliner Hmm.. very gothic some how..

    kalusudda: 20C is bloody freezing! Even the bitter Colombo winters doesn’t get that cold 😉

    RD No argument there – think you just defined cool in 2 words 😉


  3. Hey Cerno nothing beats natural cooling. Given the number of posts on this topic, I think you really need to pluck up the courage to visit the hill country.

    The cool, crisp clean air on your face through open windows is super. I hate getting dust in my car but I try to roll the windows down when in the hills.

    If you don’t like driving, there is supposed to be a fabulous train ride (in the observation car) from Kandy to Bandarawela.



    Have fun:)


  4. Jack: Thank you for the links 🙂 Totally agree with you on the natural cool 😉

    TheWhacksteR: I get the feeling that this is going to turn into the battle of the band 😉


  5. If we’re talking of “cool” in terms of the temperature I guess it all depends on where you live and the time of the year. Given the below 0C temperatures in my neck of the woods I’d say 25 is pretty much a heat wave. Right now 5C would be so cool and mild.


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