Paranthan/Nevil war zone Google Earth view

Google Earth image below shows part the open terrain around Nevil in Northern Sri Lanka. As the world celebrates Christmas lots of humans from a volunteer army are fighting a crumbling terrorist death cult in the torrential rain soaked terrain shown below. The Defencewire blog has a post covering the details. For those looking for a bigger (military) picture, The Lone Ranger blog has posts on the strategic context of the fighting. Not that the human killing and dying in the mud down there will be doing much reading right now.

To most of the world its just another irrelevant little war in a third world hole. Perhaps there might be time to spare a futile thought for all the lives lost due to the stupidity of politicians long ago. The only people really worried about the end of the war are the politicians and the arms dealers. But lets not get all worked up and cynical and negative. Specially these days when most minds are firmly fixed on high spirits (20% proof and above) .

Open terrain around Nevil in Northern Sri Lanka -Google Earth image


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