Machan – special screening today 27th Dec 2008

Regal cinema in Colombo is having special 9pm screenings of the film “Machan” on Dec 26th and 27.

If you missed this film when it was release (like me) this is a lucky second chance. I’m no good with reviews – specially in the filmic high on getting back from the theatre. Theena has a review which sums up what I feel about Uberto Pasolini’s entertaining Euro-Sri Lankan production. has a extensive page with a extensive plot summer (with spoilers), trailers, & still. Not that I’m expecting most people reading this are as out of touch with the local movie scene as I am.

In short the film is based on a true story where a much of Sri Lankans go into Europe claiming to be the Sri Lankan National Hand Ball team in 2004. They all disappeared after playing 3 games in a small town in Baveria. They have yet to be located. Found this news item about it on the Sunday leader. The BBC’s news item even has a picture that might be of the real fake Sri Lankan National Hand Ball team.

An interesting part of watching this movie at the Regal was noting the reactions of the “Colombo crowd” at the film’s unvarnished depiction of urban poverty in the city. 😉 The film doesn’t sugar coat the physical, social and psychological pressures of third world urban poverty on the human soul.


6 thoughts on “Machan – special screening today 27th Dec 2008

  1. Did see it over Youtube. The point you mentioned about the Colombo crowds reaction to the reality shown the screen, well guess that is the reality beyond the screen.. Read somewhere that boy who “acts” as Neville , is really from the “keera Kotuwa” under the Kelaniya Bridge. And he acted , his grandmother came to see the film, happy tears…And they would have gone back home to Keera Kotuwa….


  2. JP: You saw the WHOLE film on you tube??!!

    Interesting story about the “keera Kotuwa” actor. I wonder exactly how much he was paid. Not much if it didn’t get him any leads/hooks to go on to better things.

    I did hear that once the last part of the filming in Germany was over, one of the off the cast “disappeared”.


  3. wonderful acting and great music, especially the ‘going away track’ not sure who did what, lakshman joseph desaram or steven warbeck.


  4. Nishadha:Spot on! You summed up the performances in one sentence! 🙂

    Malanthi: I heard that Lakshman Joseph Desaram did most of the music. Steven Warbeck was brought later on in the production process. But like you said it would be hard to pin point exactly who did what.


  5. I do not know whether parts were omitted but there were 16 clips running from opening to the credits . So you get a good glimpse of the story. Specially liked the part in the end where they choose where to go. For that brief moment , it seems like a world of oppertunaties.


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