31st night Colombo

31st is the holiest day of the year for Colombo’s spiritualists. They gather at lavishly decorated places of worship and ascend as one to their most sort after state of consciousness. Denominational differences are cast aside. Whether you are a devotee of Arrack, Vodka, Whisky, Gin or other 20% proof and above deity it doesn’t matter. Yes, there is sub sect snobbery over Jonney Walker label colours. Or minor bickering about Stolichnaya, Smirnoff, Absolute and other demi gods. Yet all of it is forgotten in the haze of music, dancing, fireworks, and vomiting in the bushes.

This year’s favoured venue seems to be the Galle Face Hotel with its defensive anti aircraft batteries next door.

The rest of us – will perhaps light a few crackers (I know I won’t) and try to calm the dogs so they don’t get heart attacks when the fireworks go off at midnight.

Of the unluckiest of them all, will be killing and dying in the Wanni – where the fireworks are quite deadly. However, the streets of Colombo could have its share of driving drunks. Specially the spawn of politicians immune to the police.

In light of all that – be safe out there.

Happy 2009 with the thought that it will be a better one. And thank you for reading.


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