Documentary: Special Task Force Sri Lanka on you tube

Documentary about Sri Lanka’s Special Task Force (STF) is available on Youtube – many thanks to Lankika who kindly posted the links in a comment. The documentary is part of a series called “Chris Ryan’s Elite World Cops” aired on the Bravo channel. This episode of the documentary follows ex SAS member Chris Ryan interviewing and training with the Sri Lankan STF.

The episode is chopped up into 5 segments (due to the limits of the permitted running time on you tube). On my creaky Sri Lankan broadband link the segment I watched took a while to load. Managed to watch all of part 2.

The degree of access granted to the cameras is quite impressive. The discussion seems quite detailed in terms of layman terms But I doubt if there drills and techniques reveal any secrets. The Sri Lankan blogopshere’s reluctant defence correspondent will most likely know better.

The Bravo channel’s motto is “Bravo – Entertaining Men Since 1985” catering to

“male viewers with a target demographic of 18-35. It is a gritty channel, offering comedy, drama and real-life”

Essentially not your NGO “peacenik” audience πŸ˜‰

I have no idea about the copyright issues of this stuff being posted on online.

Anyway here are the links. Hope the six pack is nearby πŸ˜‰

  • Part 1 – mainly introductory stuff that is only useful if you don’t know where Sri Lanka is
  • Part 2 – Jungle patrol stuff plus short interview with STF officer/trainer
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5

14 thoughts on “Documentary: Special Task Force Sri Lanka on you tube

  1. Hey Cerno, thanks for the links, I hadn’t seen it on Kottu. The STF are very good special ops troops, but that docu’s rubbish, machang. I’ve not seen any of Ryan’s other episodes, but this one’s just entertainment and nothing more. Ryan’s ex-21 SAS and a vet of the Bravo 20 mission, so if I can see that the STF’s just putting on a show, I’m sure he can too. I guess he’s just happy to make some money. Here are a few notable things:

    In part 1 & 2, the motorcycle direct action drills are useless unless they just bumped into an unsuspecting terra patrol. The Tigers are just standing in the middle of the road! If it was a proper ambush, they’d have had claymores out on the flanks and a GPMG covering the road and would’ve shredded the STF. Also, the STF didn’t have a lead scout out as they’d have had in a combat situ.

    In part 2 & 3, the jungle patrol is basic small unit patrolling tactics and nothing worth doing a docu on!

    In part 4, the CQB assault looked a bit amateurish compared to anything done by the SAS or Commandos. There’s something like a 2-second delay between blowing the door and entry, with the assault team standing a dozen paces away til the door is blown. In a professional room assault, the team would be standing in a queue, balls-to-arses, right alongside the doorway and a flashbang would be chucked in right after the exolosion. If you did it the STF way, the first guys through the door would be shot by the terras who’d have been alerted by the explosion.

    In part 5, Ryan claims that they’re off to get some suspected Tigers 10km south of Kalutara! That’s the first time I’ve heard of Tigers in Kalutara. Also, when they get there, at 5mins 44sec into part 5 you can see a woman dressed in LTTE tigerstrips in the background, so it’s all obviously a setup. Ryan then claims that the junior STF guys are not told that it’s just an exercise. However, in the approach to contact, the STF troops all have blank firing devices fitted on their T56s!!!! I think they might have figured out by then that there were no Tigers. Lol. Plus the fact that Ryan keeps yakking to the camera all the way.


  2. David I think you pretty much summed up the whole series in your first paragraph :D. I guess the show was sticking tightly to the Bravo channel’s motto πŸ˜‰ I guess their target demographic must be good picking. After what he went through Ryan deserves all the money he can get.

    I only saw part 2 after realising that part 1 was mainly promo front matter. The motorcycle stuff I saw didn’t seem too convincing. Have to admit though the jungle patrol stuff I saw did seem impress from an uninformed civilian point of view. I guess for the target audience this must have been hot stuff πŸ™‚

    But Tigers in Kalutara? πŸ˜† I guess the STF must have some sort of training area over there.

    Thank you for the in-depth comment. That’s the kind of stuff most people would easily miss. πŸ™‚


  3. david b,

    it’s always nice to have context. thank you sir.


    in the US, Bravo seems to tilt programming towards fashion, gay people/culture, fashion and more fashion. I’d think the stated target demographic should a bit more colorful and a bit more female.

    Peaceniks, though, they might be after all.


  4. I know it said the Tamil dominatated kalithara… haha
    kaluthara is as Tamil as meegamuwa is as muslim or Buddhist…


  5. I think bravo is on Richard branson’s virgin media… We’re on sky freeview… I wouldn’t know about the demographics of bravo In the us..haha

    The YouTube seems to have so many videos regurding the Sri lanka conflict….not to mentionthe great work people do by recording news clips which are not available onthe net, and uploading them daily…. There was a another set of vids on about the female ragiment of the sla.. But it was off rupavahini so it had the usual rupavahini cheekyness instead of content interesting to watch. The selection of user made satirical ( type…) videos reguarding the ltte are certainly worth checking out…..


  6. Lankika: Didn’t know that Bravo was part of virgin. Ironic yet funny πŸ™‚

    Got any URL of the type videos you mentioned? I’m not too good at prowling youtube like you are πŸ˜‰


    got some funny videos
    youtube is one of the fronts for the lankan expats…

    these are certainly not a group of ngo peacehuggers, you might even call them polarised… but they spend a considerable amount of their free time countering pro ltte properganda uploaded by pro ltte torronto based laptopboys… how can i blame them… no offence to any torronto based laptop boys who are not in favour of the ltte.. haha


  8. Cerno is it possible to coinceal my identity? I usually do get quite a few death threats to my other YouTube aliases; which I generally laugh over… None of the aliases are my real name youknow.. If it’s not posible then it’s ok… Ill beat the crap out of any ltte fellow if they come near our little sleepy village hehe
    Btw I think spelt coinceal wrongly hehe


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