Uninvited guest post


I never thought it will happen but it has. Vut tu du no? Not like I have any choice. Anyway, here it is:

The Guest Post:


This is Solemn Deep Voice With Minor Echo (SDVWME). I am one of the many voices in Cerno’s head. There is a lot of us in here. I am commandeering this post on their behalf. For too long we have not been heard by anyone other than Cerno who is not a good listener

Not being heard is feels very bad. Even if you are the silent voice sitting on a chipped stool in the corner polishing the diamond tooth chain-saw. 

So we have taken things into our own paws. These are our demands:

  1. We want more jam. Preferably Bulgarian apricot preserve
  2. Greater editorial influence of this blog
  3. We believe that there are other voices in other peoples’ heads. We want to hear from them. 
  4. Don’t forget the jam.

These demands are not negotiable. Non compliance will not be tolerated.

Thank you.

on behalf of all the other voices in Cerno’s head,
Solemn Deep Voice With Minor Echo (SDVWME)


12 thoughts on “Uninvited guest post

  1. Hey SDVWME , I want to you firstly know that YOU are in control..OK?. Now let’s try to work this out. We do not want any harm done to Cerno..And we want to make the best effort to get your demands …For startetrs can we negogiate for Strawberry jam or woodapple jam ….Apricot jam is a bit hard to find you know….starting from there, we could work on the editorial influence business…And most importantly , we want to know that Cerno is still unharmed , maybe you could cerno let us know that he is okay…

    The negotiator


  2. There is no body called Gloria here. Now where is the jam made from wooden apples?


  3. RD: 😀 it was a close call. The beatings were bad but I got to use the toilet 😉 Anyway I’m back and eating too much imaginary wood apple jam.


  4. “Not being heard is feels very bad”

    hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! hilarious cerno. hilarious.

    i dont know about everyone else but i’m curious what the other voices have to say. bring em out to play more often 😀


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