Mongolian rap is cool

I’m not a fan of American rap music and I usually prefer the more traditional forms of Mongolian music (actually Tuvan Music but lets not complicate things). The two videos below are the exceptions.  Consider it something different from last week’s politicering.

At first sniff, the “Hood,” by Vanquish comes across as a stereotypical rap music video. But the beat has a rare, very satisfying feel. The visuals are worth watching with its clips of what I think might be Ulan Bator‘s (called UB) gritty urban cityscapes. Architecture buffs though might prefer a focused overview of Mongolian architecture.

The next video by Esreg Odor is a delightfully sharp piece of social satire about a very human obsession – booze. Best watched than read.

The “Beyond the Golden Way” blog has a more insightful post on these videos which is worth checking out.


6 thoughts on “Mongolian rap is cool

  1. lol what do you think of sri lankan rap? i think they are the biggest posturing imitating steaming piles of crap.

    being overseas, until a few years ago i havnt listened to any of the new age rubbish. so one day we were having a long drive with some lankan friends and this lady tells me, “son, we got some cds from sri lanka and they are very popular with young crowd in Sri Lanka, you should listen”. and they put it on the and my immediate reaction was dear god, this is the worst music i have ever heard. seriously these guys cant even rhyme.


  2. nuwan: There are some besides Bathiya & Santhush) who are listenable. Admittedly there is some annoying stuff. But I have a weakness for the kind of stuff that goes on YFM. Its campy fun and the inter lingual word play is interesting sometimes cleaver. Overall something to listen while stuck in traffic 😉

    But I dread what the lady thought the “young crowd” in Sri Lanka listens to 😀


  3. Its true that some sri lankan hip hop or rap or what ever you call, doesnt even have a rhyme and annoying. And you gotta admit that these can be rated as good stuff!

    Hello Hello – Chinthy,Centigradz,Ashanthi

    Thithai Panirasai – Chinthy

    Borukari – Daddy

    Iraj feat. BK – Let’s Go

    These are some of the stuff i found, and yes they are few years old.


  4. Kosala: Its the American rap i don’t care for. The Sri Lanka stuff is far more interesting to listen to – and quite funny when you consider the contrast the Sinhala and English lyric. Plus they all seem to have a great sense of intelligent humour not to take themselves too seriously.

    In a sense I don’t see the Sri Lankan “rap” as rap but as an unique form of Sri Lankan music. Daddy‘s sound is more similar to a Rock and Roll sort of sound but very innovative and unique.

    Than you for the URLs 😀 Chinthy & Iraj are my favourites – along with Bathiya and Santhush.


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