Hello gorgeous!

I was alone behind the wheel and there you were irresistibly in front of me. What to do but reach for a borrowed phone with a camera with one paw on the wheel. The riskiest situation to be taking photographs. Made more dangerous by proximity to a check point. I managed to get some decent shots without killing myself or anyone else. Violated all the precautions I was pontificating in an earlier comment. I am alive to show and tell because of my mastery of third world driving. As you can see it was worth it (best to widen the browser window for a better view).

Painted Wooden Truck

Luscious works of art like this melts will power faster than an ice cube in a furnace. The mobile phone camera colour does injustice to the colours which are particularly rich on this truck. The roundels vignettes have a delightful tropical island and palm tree thing going. Sri Lanka’s restrained answer to the more flamboyant Jingle trucks may be part of a dying breed. But its path to extinction is gloriously slow. One of life’s small mercies in a universe where everything must pass on.


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