Reincarnation through reading

Psychic’s descriptions of Cerno’s past births all had a familiar theme to them. All the “past lives” described had a link to a childhood book. Specifically a book which spawned yet another burning curiosity of about something obscure. The kind that haunts me to this day and creases foreheads when I’m stupid enough to make a casual mention of it. 

It is futile to speculate whether my “past lives” led to these interests. Or if the psychic was “reading” my scattered fascination useless trivia. None of which contributes to life’s most vital activity of making money. 🙂 I never disclosed any of these interests or the books that triggered them to the psychic.

The past life as a Mongol was the most surprising “past life”. It had a very distinct connection to a specific book-an old “Lady bird” book  Marco Polo’s travels handed down from a cousin who had out grown it. It was Jack Point’s post about Lady Bird books that kindled this realisation..

Kublai Khan, whom Marco encountered was civilised fellow. A sharp contrast to his rougher predecessor Ghengis. The fact that a marginalised kid of a nomadic tribe could build an empire stretching from  the sea of Japan to Poland is quite astonishing.  If the Mongols hadn’t abandoned the idea besieging Vienna in 1241 (essentially to hold an election after the death of Ögedei Khan) they would have most likely have barged into Western Europe. We can only speculate wildly as to how Sri Lanka’s history would have turned out. They were of course a ruthless bunch as demonstrated by the sacking of Baghdad. I just hope I wasn’t involved — the Karmic consequences will take a miserably long time to dissolve.

I may have told the psychic that I was from Sri Lanka – not that she knew where India was located 😉 . However I said nothing about my love of Medieval Sinhalese art. I was infected with its elegant shapes and forms when I discovered a copy of Ananda Commaraswamy’s book. I endlessly traced those swirling lines and combined them to create my own. When I visit the Colombo museum, it is the medieval stuff — particularly the Kandian skill of merging art and utility — that pulls me strongly.

Scandinavian history culture is another childhood fascination. That covers Iceland (a freezing place  and financially if not climatically) as well. Aside from the  Swedish S-Tank and this early model SAAB I am more interested is in Scandinavia’s ungentle pre ABBA past. Namely the Viking “age”. A time when those now peace loving folk terrorised the UK and western Europe in a way Al Qaeda could never dream of. I blame a mention in an old “How and Why” book for triggering this one.

There is a bizarre world war 1 connection sparked off by Biggles books which I have discussed in a previous post.

I have heard plenty of tedious theories how the psych’s “readings” of my past lives tallied with my esoteric interests. I look at it with the nutty notion that each book we read is a universe which has a life of its own. We may not be able to recall all the details of that life but an echo, perhaps from each page, stays with us. It builds a layer of influence somewhere in the unconscious. An influence that may affect the next life or next book we encounter. Long after the covers of past books are closed and shelved in forgotten places.


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