Sri Lanka’s Top 100 blog posts in a book

This “project” is now ended – this page now exists for archival purposes only.

Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts published in a book. The proceeds to fund services/programmes for rural e-villages. Think of it as bloggers giving away their words to benefit others. While getting some free publicity in return.

Of course it is a perilous idea. Who ever undertakes time, effort and cost to

  • select the posts,
  • “edit” them
  • secure funding
  • design the book
  • publish the book
  • promote/market the book
  • funnel the money to the recipients

will be swimming among crocodiles.

Sinhala blogs deserve their own book but could be included in translation β€” yet another culturally dangerous task.

The ideally the book would have to be marketed to a hard currency audience. The overseas Galle Literary Festival regular would be a possible target demographic β€” hopefully one of many.

The design and printing of the book could be a nice Pro bono folio piece for a high end local design firm like we are designers. The editorial high wire act that such a book demands will make an interesting CV piece for an ambitious graduate student of the humanities or one of those new media studies. Ideally with a nice hard currency grant and the credentials of a university in the first world. Perhaps an NGO embroiled in ICT might lend a helping paw.

A recipe for the usual accusations (not without reason) of peacenik biases and compromising national identity. Naturally the undertakers of this task will have thick hides and ferocious persistence.

The bloggers who are willing give permission for their posts to be included will definitely benefit from the free publicity. Worth more than the pittance of royalties they might earn assuming if it is possible to distribute the money. Donating the proceeds will clearly legitimise the project.

As to how the whole conceptual, organisation and the technical package will be put together and executed, I leave to a better mind than mine. No doubt something similar to this has been bandied about. To increase the unlikely hood of this ever happening I’m introducing the idea of Friday the 13th.

Any takers?


24 thoughts on “Sri Lanka’s Top 100 blog posts in a book

  1. 😯 O crap it has caught on. πŸ˜€

    Thanks to all of you who have commented supporting the idea. Even Mrs C is excited about the idea and has volunteered her services in the department of editing/proofing. She has even volunteered my services for picking the posts. :mrgreen:

    I guess I will have to think of something. Firstly some criteria about how to muddle on.

    Dinidu has kicked off a good idea already about what seems to be a “preview” PDF. I think that’s an excellent way to show the idea in an easily distributable form.

    This should not detract from goal that end product MUST be in a physical, non digital, traditional form. I also think that makes a statement that says more than I am capable of typing in a comment box. It is a point that is not up for compromise. It would be even more ironic if the whole thing was printed with the traditional letter press. So much for photoblogging.

    The initial big one is copyright. I guess the selected bloggers will have to agree to the idea – in writing that they are willing to have the selected post(s) be published. AND that no claims will be made on the proceeds of the book. Naturally their URLs will have to be published in the book. Some sort of guarantee and other processes will have to ensure that the proceeds go to the right people. But that’s too far off in the distance to contemplate right now.

    Selecting posts: I doubt if the overall idea can survive a democratic bickering. The best I can think of now is for people to suggest whose posts should be included. Personally I think a brutally totalitarian dictator of selection will in the end have to pick the final 100.

    What kind of standards (if any) should be applied? The basic standard should be that the post should be readable without having the desire to click elsewhere.

    I strongly believe that there should not be any categories or divisions. Though themes and other groupings could be assigned sort of index in the back. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

    I was hoping for more specifics about how it can’t be done or wasn’t going to happen. Then sit in the hansi putuwa with a cool EGB at the elbow and listen to others bemoan the state of affairs. This is what happens when voices in the head are give a sneeze of editorial control.


    I guess this weekend will require me to use all 4.521 neurones in my brain.

    Feel free to blurt your ideas about how to chug onward. It is brain storming time. The kind folk who have volunteered (bravely) to help can start by suggesting posts.


  2. Woah! Why didn’t I think of this earlier? πŸ˜•

    Nice idea dude. I like to share my two cents if it’s happening. No one would like my crappy writing but there are good dtuff on lankan bloggosphere I guess :D.


  3. The idea is good , but as you have mentioned making it work requires a lot of effort. Getting funds is the most obvious problem. But if you can get a publisher interested then maybe you have a chance of making it work. But the idea needs to spread more and go viral. If you can contact indi and get a sticky on Kottu mentioning this , you have a huge head start. Luck with the project. And of course the blogger can blog about it as well πŸ™‚


  4. sounds like a good idea. just a suggestion. maybe in an effort to make the book an inclusive one we should have Sinhala and Tamil (if there are any) blog posts published as it were with a translation as a supplementary addition, in an effort to make the book a multilingual platform. i think that we should pitch ourselves higher than the overseas GLF regular, although ofcourse they can be one of the target markets. since it’s goin to be a book don’t you think it would be a good opportunity to make the diverse views expressed on blogs by E/S/T bloggers (which are primarily on SL issues and life) reach a wider SL audience?! just thinking out loud. πŸ™‚


  5. Chanux : Thank you πŸ™‚ Could use you as one of my many spies to spot posts.

    T: Stay tuned – I’m cooking together a post on how you could help!

    kalusudda: I’m keeping my hopes close to the ground πŸ˜‰ but this could be a fun exercise.

    Nishadha: Brilliant ideas! πŸ˜€ Thank you.

    pandithaya: Thank you – hope you would like to help out by keeping an eye out for great posts.

    who else but me: Very good points – thank you. The overseas GLF regular was just an example that popped in the mind but by no means the only market. The language/translation factor is logistically tricky and a lot more complicated to sort out. But I think the issues might reveal themselves fully if we just start gathering post πŸ™‚


  6. pissu & Chamara Thank you πŸ™‚ Any help is gladly appreciate at this point. For now keep a look out for good posts you might want to nominate. Also appreciate if you can spread the word around. More eyeballs out there the better.


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