Life and the 100 blog post nominations goes on

How memorable is a good blog post? It is easier to remember a blog as being “good” than remembering a specific post that demonstrates the blog’s higher qualities. Can you recall 5 very good posts that you from say 2006-2007? Such is the fickleness and mystery of memory. Enough to motivate a stroll through the archives of your favourite blogs. It is something I realised while managing the responses to 100 blog post idea. It has taken up the handful of minutes I ration for blogging. I never thought picking a few post to nominate would be this hard.

An interesting backdrop to this whole to 100 thing is stats indi graciously put up on the web of’s top 1000  clicks. I don’t understand the calculations behind it or how humble self ended up on it.

The nominations for the top 100 posts is now approaching 50 (with perhaps an interruption by a failed air raid). The associated replying to all the comments and adding the nominations to the master list means that I haven’t had a chance to make a few nominations of my own. To make matters worse,  it is not easy to pick a good post from blogs that are made up of hundreds of good posts. After much brow furrowing I decided to start with a handful of nominations rather than spend ages on a long list. New finds can easily be added. The comment box awaits you. Meanwhile, life and the search goes on.


2 thoughts on “Life and the 100 blog post nominations goes on

  1. Haven’t found the time yet for a full-post. But I’d like to nominate your “When the War’s Over”. I hope I got the title right, but it was certainly one of the most memorable posts I’ve read in the blogosphere 🙂


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