Sly trishaw graphics

One rare alignments of the planets I spot a gem on 3 wheel AND I have a camera ready. The image below is a outcome. Its not splashy by any means but check out the fun combination of details. And of course the chrome. Very few trishaws are cool without chrome.   The location is somewhere in the outstations I think along the A6. But enough with the trivial details. I will let the picture tell the story. The flicker page of this image has the details marked out. Click on the image to check them out. Even add your own notes.

 Che Taxi Sri Lanka

A good weekend to you all. Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!


7 thoughts on “Sly trishaw graphics

  1. Pericles: Very very puzzling. I have the permission questions “Who can add notes & tags?” and “Who can comment?” set to “any Flickr member”. Not sure what to do. 😦 Sorry for the hassle 😥

    What are the settings you got on your flickr site for notes?


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