Happy blog birthday to the drummer

Today marks 3 years to day the official drummer of the Sri Lankan blogosphere put out his first blog post on London, Lanka and drums. Like most first posts, “Greetings to anyone who may have the slightest interest in this!” gave little inkling as to the writing that would spew forth.

A felicitation ceremony at the Up Country Mango Cultivation Ministry auditorium was moved to the internet after his Rhythmicness’s security team raised concerns about controlling the expected mass of hysterical fans.

His Rhythmicness is expected to issue a communiqué via his blog from a secure undisclosed location somewhere in South East Asia.


6 thoughts on “Happy blog birthday to the drummer

  1. themissingsandwich Happy that i got another human to chuckle 😀

    dinidu/The End: :O 😆 Your blog you mean? You’ll need to reopen dude. Maybe under a different name?

    gutterflower: Thank you


  2. A very belated thank you Cerno. I’m still chuffed about all this attention and good wishes. I really don;t know what more I can say except thanks again.


  3. RD: hehehe not thanks necessary. I think you’ve taught me more about blogging than any other blog 😉 and I bet you didn’t even know it. A small way of saying thanX


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