My old girl duties as a HOG

One of the many consequences of a Sri Lankan marriage is that you marry into social networks that you never though you would be a part of. Your spousal unit’s Old Girls (or Boys) Association -OGA/OBA  (Sri Lankan for high school alumni associations) is one of them. Like my farther in law unit, I have settled into my role as a honorary old girl (HOG). Thankfully I am not required to toil in the sun or enter billions of hand written entries into a Microsoft Access database. On the whole my duties are light, pleasant, and leads to situations ripe with blogging topics

Spousal unit is heavily involved in her OGA. One of a handful who were involved in it right after leaving school. She actually does it for the love of the school – not to get a yet to be sprouted offspring unit into a “good” Colombo School. Given her involvement we might as well have a girl and reduce the stress 😉

On the face of it, things might sounds grim. 7am wake-ups on Sunday morning to make stuff for some weekend event. Poor spousal unit has already been up since 6am. Getting food she cooked most of Saturday warmed up. Never mind the fact that we both got home from a friend’s dinner so far past 2am that we were afraid to look at the clock. Then there’s the frantic dash to the event location itself. Naturally we get a bit lost. There’s a moment of near panic at prospect that we might be late. Thankfully, when we do arrive there is only one other car in the parking lot. Ah the relief. Sri Lankan time is such a life saver!

Eventually, the rest of the crowd turns up. 98% consists of people 20 years or more older than us. As with any event, there are last minute emergencies. This is where HOGs like me come in handy – to scamper off to locate last minute mission critical items in an unfamiliar area without getting overly stressed. The good thing I have noticed about my fellow HOGs (I am the youngest here) is that they have aged well and are quite mellow. They stand like serenely like the Himalayas amidst the swirl of wound up women. This tends to act as a calming effect on an otherwise high strung group. OBAs I find tend to be outwardly relaxed.

 Chit-chat with those who either know my mother (who went to the same school) or spousal unit’s mother. I do get a few probing glances from old aunties (the handful who don’t know us) so I practice my hand gesture to show the wedding ring. The event winds down efficiently. One of the benefits of arriving early is the ability to flee early. A hibernating afternoon snooze (a species I thought extinct) awaits.


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