Post written under orders from the AVMH (Association of Voices in My Head)

Every now and then the tsunami of life washes over me and the blog is left post-less for more than the usual number of days. This results in a bit of soul searching about why I blog, and if it is worth it. Each time I return to the same realisation with increasing certainty: I blog to keep sane.

Of course I am mentally belly up or anything so grim. It is just that blogging is the only way to keep these nagging “stories” that keep sprouting in my mind. Writing them down is no good. They have to be released into the wild world so I will be left in peace by each particular piece/story. Naturally it doesn’t seem to stop. The chattering mind keeps cooking these thing up. All it takes is a fragment of something that catches the monkey mind’s attention. The idea grows faster than a seed planted by crow shit. Mental weeds is the most accurate description and blogging is my weed killer. 

Admittedly there is a guilty pleasure/escape element of writing. I suppose it is quite harmless. Better than the traditional toxic intoxicants. I am sceptical of  the benefits blogging beyond keeping me from going off the rails (which is important). If I manage to keep vomiting the thoughts out without creating a pile up in the head, then it doesn’t get too uncomfortable in here.

Despite all this I refuse to assign any kind of priority or specially “blog” time for blogging. I squeeze it in whenever I can. That way I hope not to get it in the way of the “priorities” of life.

Yes yes I have yammered about this periodically before. I refuse to apologise. That’s how the Tao flows.

Meanwhile – somewhere in the middle distance,  a cow plays a viola (thoughtfully).


3 thoughts on “Post written under orders from the AVMH (Association of Voices in My Head)

  1. RD: Thank you 🙂 nice to know that I’m not the only nutty one 😉 Like to see the poem you come up with. So do the voices.

    කෙහෙළිය බණ්ඩාර ගල්ලබ: 🙂 Strange how this blogging thing has psychological commonalities as well


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