Best blog post from 2006

What do YOU think that is? One that made you laugh? Launch a comment war, start a blog fight or simply just get a blog of your own? 

Can you even remember a good post from 2006 without digging through the archives? One that resonates in your buzzing popping neurones? Or is the fact that you can’t remember a sign of the gold fish memory of the blogging mind? So furrow your brow and try some recall. Can you even remember 2006? A blur of an year for some no doubt. 

The point of all this? To harvest some suggestions for the Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project. Give it a go. This could be you chance at immortality as the Sri Lankan blogger with the best memory. If all else fails, try 2007 or 2008 or any other year you can remember.

Good luck! The comment box waits your memories.


5 thoughts on “Best blog post from 2006

  1. TheWhacksteR: Thank you 🙂 you do know where to dig the gold 🙂

    sach: yes that post is already on the list but your recommendation has firmly got it in the book (should it ever come out)

    Gallicissa: Thank you 😀


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