Fundamentalists block aviation pioneer’s take-over bid

A take over bid of India’s Shanth International Transport Aviation by Sri Lanka’s Ravana Aeronautics has been blocked by a group of religious fundamentalists. The result is a major blow to the Ravana Aeronautics, a pioneer in Sri Lankan aviation. It’s chairman Mr Dasaoluwa has stressed that the last minute blocking bid was the result of a terrible misunderstanding. He is reported holding direct talks with the politicians involved. The company is to shortly issue a press release outlining how its relationship with SITA has been misconstrued in the media.

An aviation industry insider who declined to be named, said the negotiations might be futile as Ayodiya based consortium Ramraj Airspace Manufacturing Associates already have a claim to contractual control over SITA. It is unlikely that the consortium will relinquish its control without a fight. Industry insiders say that Ravana’s high tech capabilities would benefit SITA more than the rustic surroundings of its current base of operations. However RAMA is known to have considerable political clout. It could easily shut Ravana out of the lucrative Indian aerospace market as well launch a destructive offensive into Sri Lanka’s tiny aviation industry.

This latest set back comes in the wake of a similar abrupt block to Ravana subsidiary Monera Air’s promising entry into the Indian executive travel market. Its promotional offer of all female shopping flights to Sri Lanka aimed at Bollywood stars and Bangalore executives was called off amidst angry street demonstrations in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Mr Dasaoluwa vehemently denies that cultural sensitivity around his company’s name might be a factor. The company has now pinned its hopes on two major projects. One is a missile defence shield for Sri Lanka code named “Vimana“. The other is the locally manufactured R1 multi-role combat aircraft. Ravana claims it is capable of both high altitude interception missions and ground attack missions. The defence establishment has not commented on either project as Ravana is embroiled in a complex libel suit against media outlets for publishing allegations that the company uses substandard spare parts from decommissioned Albania aircraft.

-Dissociated Fake Press

7 thoughts on “Fundamentalists block aviation pioneer’s take-over bid

  1. haha good one C man, i orginally thought you were serious then went back and realized WTF! iv never heard of a Sri lankan aviation powerhouse! u forgot the part where the mild military scuffle triggered the bridge collapse. or is that how it happened?


  2. TheWhackster: 😀 happy you enjoyed the post.

    You are not supposed to know about the bridge thing though the whole thing involved an outsourcing contractor used buy Ramraj Airspace Manufacturing Associates. The contractor, Hanuman Infrastructure Engineering Inc (HIE) was known for a lot of monkey business in its upper management.

    In fact I think there was a law suite by Ravana Aeronautics against HIE for some sort of arson during a blotched HIE intelligence gathering operation. The details are under a court gag order according to sources within the Dissociated Fake Press


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