What really came first (axle or the wheel)

This is the real story behind the drummer’s friday post.

What actually came first were the consultants who did a feasibility study.

Then there was the usual back stabbing between assorted departments trying to milk some sort of political point out of the hefty report that nobody really read (they wouldn’t have understood it anyway). The one person who said it was all bull was fired.

Finally a tender notice was put out. The winner was the company who wined and dined the decision makers as well as gave bribes only to sell a very expensive horse.

The result was a disaster. So the higher ups did the only thing they knew – give themselves a pay raise and laid off a lot of people. After the smoke cleared more consultants were brought it.

The axel and the cart (or visa versa) came in to the picture much later through a bail out grant by the Dutch government. Guns ‘n’ Roses was the name of a brothel (not the band) included in the wining and dining where one of the decision makers got VD. The shocking part was that is was only one person.


3 thoughts on “What really came first (axle or the wheel)

  1. The Unsilent: 🙂 happy it got you unsilent 😉

    TheWhackster: Well i have spies everywhere so I do get the intel 😉 But I can’t comment on the chicken and the egg – its still very hush hush.


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