Two nominations for top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project

Tsunami of life (helping out a friend with computer stuff, Honorary Old Girl duties etc) add to the usual excuses that stand in the way of the regular blogging rhythm. Vut tu du – such is the flow of life. Still managed to take a glance through Kottu and found some interesting candidates for the 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project.

The first is a rather touching post to the boy next door by the kindly drummer. The comment swarm it created has led to some interesting discussions – about decency, indecency and fashion.

The other, in a different vein – Indi’s account of taking medical supplies to Vavuniya. Even at the most superficial level, it stands out of the usual noise we call news edited for advertising. Even stands up to the propaganda of terrorists funded from far awa. A story of citizen action to help fellow citizens. A modern form of social networking Shramadana (gift or labour among other things) that I feel cuts through the feudalistic fatalism that sits on the Sri Lankan unconsciousness. Or more accurately mine. 

Enough from me – flow the links and judge for yourself. Must crawl off to face an early day.


3 thoughts on “Two nominations for top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project

  1. Can we please stop kissing Indi’s ass because he owns Kottu? Seriously?

    The legitimacy of any “top 100” or “best post” becomes smeared when Indi’s name is pointed out over and over.

    Some of you bloggers on Kottu have to look beyond kottu for traffic. I noticed Lankan bloggers are so consumed in replying to each other because of Kottu. The whole purpose of a blog is lost.

    For your best controversial blog post, pick any post from the a** hole below. He pisses the living daylights out of me..but his posts are well presented that you can’t really argue with his points.

    This one in particular:


    1. Thank you for the nomination 😀 I have to agree its a good one!

      Not sure what you mean by “Indi’s name is pointed out over and over”. Of the 90 nominated posts on the list only 3 posts are written by indi – and they were nominated over period of time. Bloggers like T and Child of 25 have 4 each posts nominated in a row. Some might say that indi is being excluded from the list 😉

      Kottu has the feel of a bulletin board than just an aggregator. It reads less like one right now than it did in 2007. The unavoidable fact is that is operates as a community square (like it or not). I regarded it as a village of sorts and always will. Posts trigger “conversations” between blogs. Which can be interesting or stupid and what ever. If any of it pumps up traffic why not – the discussions that come out are always interesting 🙂

      Speaking for myself, most of my traffic comes from search engines, link backs and people who drop by directly. Yet I do admit, that I write for the “kottu” crowd – or essentially an online Sri Lankan audience in mind.

      I’m not sure what you mean by the “whole purpose of a blog”. The purpose of a blog can be whatever its blogger wants their blog to be. Irrespective of that its the content that matter.

      But thank you for the comment. You got me thinking and look at my blogging in a slightly different light (seriously).


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