Do you have an Uncle who dances like this?

I don\’t but I do know that uncles of this type exist. Their existence is not disputed like the Yeti\’s. However those of you who are related to such dancers might wish to claims other wise. Of course the music they jive to is most likely Baila. A little (or perhaps more than little) Arrack (Mendis?) or Whisky (Jonny?) acts as a propellent. A dance floor equipped event like a wedding  is the ignition factor. Once the ignited, good old Wally does the rest.

Are you blessed (I don’t mean that sarcastically) with a relative like this? Or are you one of them?

And incase you thought this re edit of the Tom Cruise dance sequence in from Tropic Thunder a bit too much — here’s something from Wally Bastian to wash it all away.


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