Acquiring coffee and cinnamon qualities

Just crawled out from under my rock and blinked in the blinding light of the Sri Lankan blogosphere. Seems there’s a new troll in town and it is a truly psychotic one. The Rythmic One seems to have brought out its true nature. In all the time I’ve been blogging I never saw an enraged pit bull of its sort. I won’t certainly dignify or amplify its noise with a link.

This anonymous comment on RD’s blog speaks more eloquently that I could about why I view the drummer with even higher esteem. His coffee and cinnamon qualities are virtues to be emulated though I think it will take a lot of character and wisdom to master.

As the commenter wrote, to walk in a gentleman and stay the same, to bring out the best in others and to give people a chance to show their true selves. Either as psychopaths or true friends. To deal with the unpalatable with humour and restraint while showing other how to do the same. These are qualities harder to cultivate than anyone would realise and yet the Rhythmic One makes it all feel effortless. 

And if there’s anything else to learn, it that once a troll is provoked into the open it is best to let is howl to itself amidst a deafening silence. The Sandwich has more on that. So does this handy post on the geekblog on how to deal with trolls. The “How to handle a troll” site has more extensive details.


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