Males under new underwear threat

Mrs C is contemplating a line of male underwear. I thought she won’t go in this direction after the underwear regulations act was repealed thanks to the JVP’s successful protest demonstrations. The description of her colour schemes and designs will no doubt earn a following among females (who hold procurement powers over their spousal units. Men on the other hand would prefer sepuku with butter knives or the asylum in the Congo. This time around it is not just the colours but the patterns and their placement.

This time around I’m not relaying on the JVP to save us so frantic negotiations are under way.


5 thoughts on “Males under new underwear threat

  1. This sounds serious Cerno. I advise you, strongly, to get yourself down to Odel and buy a load of underwear quickly. Then you can say that you’ll buy her new line once your existing line has been worn out.

    Run Cerno, run and buy those pants!


  2. Jack Yes that is a relief though there is the omnipresent threat of underwear inspections at check points. Better have that fundamental-rights-petitionomatic handy

    RD: That might encourage her 😐 She has already condemned several pairs which were not even 10 years old.

    Vut tu du no? 😐


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