LTTE’s human shields: April 2009 satellite images


Life in Taprobane has decisive analysis of satellite imagery regarding the LTTE’s human sheilds. He also points out major error’s in BBC’s reports about the situation in Mullativu and challenges the LTTE terrorist’s propaganda.

US National Imagery Systems has released a satellite image (Dated April 2009) of  people held by the LTTE terrorists camped on the beaches in north eastern Sri Lanka. The satellite image shows the beaches north of Mullativu teaming with what looks like tents and/or people camped there. The old images on Google maps show the Mullativu beaches when they were deserted. My previous post has close up images of the Mullativu taken from Google Earth.

Google news has the AP news item cites human right groups claiming the LTTE is holding civilians. A defencenet post claims that the LTTE terrorists are using the civilians as cover to shoot at the Sri Lankan military. Nothing new there. The only difference is that the whole night mare is closer to the end than ever before. Small comfort to those on the beach.

Why can’t the LTTE shits just pop their cyanide and end this madness. Most likely because they are a human death cult (insert Hitler in the Berlin Bunker references here).

Processing it all from this level of disembodiment feels indescribable. This is beyond “just another bomb blast” shrug of helplessness. Historically this is a cathartic moment in history of Sri lanka. I can’t think of how the people down there will ever recover from two generations of trauma. The Cambodians got through Pol Pot so there’s hope (perhaps the only thing there ever is). A post LTTE Sri Lanka will do the same. 

indi has managed to put out a good post summarising the human reaction to the situation. I’ll leave you to his words since mine fail me.

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