Unbound Urchin returns

Unbound Urchin – the operator of the lostlandscape blog has returned to the blogosphere. His demise was officially reported a while back. The Urchin now has a name and a face and a Facebook thing (most young people these days seem to have one) on his profile. He seems to be heading to some rustic place called Cambridge – where ever that is. An emergency security council meeting has been convened but nothing happened since someone forgot to bring biscuits. 

Then again we live in interesting times.


4 thoughts on “Unbound Urchin returns

  1. 🙂
    cambridge wasn’t rustic…
    i was completely uninterested when my friend invited me. cuz, i thought it’d be boringly intellectual
    pleasant surprise, the city is really green, less noisy and full of parks parks and parks (ungroomed, freshly natural)


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