blog frequency (thud)

Dropped to 2 posts in 11 days. Feels like an all time low but I’m resigned to it. Vut to du. Its the usual excuses with the half baked posts rotting on the PDA and  mind. I keep poking around with an edit here and there. All going to the usual place – the unsatisfied nowhere. Very strange this blogging thing. Its become like an exorcism minus the chanting the fire the drumming and the chicken blood.

My blogging is now entirely mobile, and more fractured than ever before. I thought I had got the hang of off-line mobile blogging. But seems I have also caught the dark side of it too. Writing feels hurried and scattered. The central thought is a feather in a sandstorm. Its a mess to put it bluntly. I suppose this too will pass. If it wasn’t for the  words pecking my brain demanding to be vomited  it would just be easier to walk away.

Having said all that, its time to stop lying here in a pool of drool and mucus and get organised. Things to do and all that. The road to the next weekend is far. And the light at the end of the tunnel is always the train.


4 thoughts on “blog frequency (thud)

  1. I know what you mean. Low on the inspiration myself. And mostly, I’m low on the environment I need to be in to feel comfortable to write. I don’t have my own computer – I sit in my dad’s study with both my parents tapping away next to me and it’s such a distraction. I need alone-ness, quiet, coffee, music. Kind of romantic 😛 Haha.

    I know what you mean about the blogging – I keep wondering why on earth I didn’t start in Uni. It’s ridiculously therapeutic. Which is why I feel a funny sort of panic when I haven’t blogged for a over a week. It’s been over a week now. Aaargh…


  2. cerno you inspire us with your blogs. it is always a pleasure to read what you flush thru your keyboard..

    wrt your mobile blogging have you moved to a netbook. I got one for my wife (heh heh – yes darling it is for you it’s pink you see) however i still find it hard to type long pieces on it as the keyboard feels cluttered. if you are blogging from a phone – my hats off to you for ability to focus on sentences let alone whole pieces of prose and more so an iphone..

    once more on to the blogging dear friend, once more…


  3. Gypsy: At least your parent’s aren’t nosy 🙂 or you’d get outed! I keep wondering why I didn’t get into blogging earlier – most likely because I was too insanely busy. So you get the blog panic feeling too! Embarrassed to admit it, but I know the feeling 🙂 VTD

    Dee: When I looked at the little calendar widget that’s the mental sound I heard 🙂

    maf: Thank you for the support and happy that you enjoy the reads. Sorry for all the typos etc that I scatter in the rush. I think I’ve managed to get the hang of the phone keyboard (thank you predictive text – though my word use is driving it a little insane). The hard part like you said is focusing on a post in fragments. The editing and the fitting things into a coherent piece is the hard part – specially with a tiny screen. managed it by breaking things down into even smaller posts. So far so good.

    Never tried (or seen) one of those net books in the flesh (or the plastic) But a PINK netbook??!! that is very brave.


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