Ginger beer Vodka cocktails

Polluting the most perfect soft drink in the universe (Elephant house Ginger Beer) with anything is obviously sacrilegious. However, it is only humane to deploy EGB to improve lesser beverages. Such as that bottle of Russian Standard Imperia stashed in the cistern of the executive toilet (supposedly for emergency purposes only).

All it takes is a splash of EGB into one of those silly thimbles used to drink Vodka. The quantities and other substances that go into a ginger beer cocktail will have to be improvised. For those looking for inspiration, has a list of ginger beer cocktail recipes.

As a purist, it would be a scandal if I implied admitting to giving these a try. If YOU do, it is at your own risk. The links in this post in no way constitutes an endorsement. Just because you clicked on the link doesn’t make me responsible for the consequences (positive or negative).

Overall I think Ginger Beer Vodka cocktails are an excellent way to convert unbelievers. Particularly heathen scum who look down on non alcoholic fluids.


8 thoughts on “Ginger beer Vodka cocktails

  1. Been there, and in most occasions, the challenge was to mix enough Vodka (the god given drink to students and their teachers in too expensive everything days) and the lowly Ginger beer (Some here who mistakes it being root beer) enough to eliminate the taste of either. Usually by the time we reach that stage, we are in no stage to taste any thing. So we restart the same all over again.
    But one good thing about Elephant house ginger beer, the taste is still in my mouth since the last visit.


  2. Davis 🙂 Curious to hear about them

    kalusudda: hmmm balance – yes a key factor here. But I’m banking on Ginger Beer majoritarianism to hold the flavour.

    Azrael: Thank you for the time 🙂 Will keep it in mind


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