Strange Trishaw

This is possibly the strangest trishaw I have spotted so far. Odd how just one element of its design can change the look. Perhaps its just me. The picture is below for you to decide. Verdict goes in the comment box,

Odd Trishaw rear window


13 thoughts on “Strange Trishaw

  1. *drives behind the fore mentioned trishaw…sees the round thingamajig…swerves off the road, takes out a innocent on a bicycle and a lottery stand before crashing into a big tree*

    *stumbles out, bleeding*

    BLOODY TRISHAW!!!! *shakes his fist*

    Heheh…but in all honesty…i’ve seen worse! πŸ˜‰ have a great day! Cheers! Me.


  2. I’ve seen this sticker with a trishaw with the big wheels like a monster truck of sorts, cept of course its a monster trishaw..I wait for the day when one of these hits the road of colombo….!


  3. I guess its all about hiding in plain sight πŸ™‚ I think its some kind of highly reflective foil thing – can’t image how they could have mounted a mirror reflective rear window like that.

    I THINK the contrast is due to the back of the trishaw being in Shadow and the window reflecting the sunlit bus behind it


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