Sri Lankan Drive through

Image of a roadside snack stall below was photographed from a speeding chariot somewhere in rural Sri Lanka. Sadly didn’t pause to check the menu. The lives of the people in such areas are a world away from the virtual universe of blogs and brawls of the media sphere. Despite their lush landscapes, places such as these are closer to the baking battlefields of Sri Lanka’s North.

Roadside drive through eatery Sri Lanka

Producing the sons, fathers, brothers, husbands friends, relatives who defeated one for the world’s most dealiest terror organisations. They also paid the price in terms of the dead and disabled – both in the battlefield and in LTTE attacks targeting civilians. In about a year or more, they will be welcoming their relatives leaving military services. What kind of future awaits former members of one of the world’s most effective militaries? Drivers perhaps? Hopefully more than operating a rural drive through.

A harder question awaits those who survived being conscripted into the death cult of the LTTE. Particularly LTTE child soldiers whose child-hoods are gone – and what remains of their futures will decided by politicians in first world and third world capitals, diaspora media lobbyists, and players of power games.

We, the irrelevant and the blessed few, on the first nervous road trip to Jaffna, might have to ask ourselves whether to stop at a road side stall run by an (ex) terrorist.


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