What’s the best blog post you have read THIS week?

Yes this is a prompt for nominations for the Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project. If all goes well it will lead to some contribution for reconstruction revitalisation of Sri Lanka’s former war zones. Just remember these simple rules when nominating 

  1. The post should be interesting enough that you actually read the whole thing without getting distracted.
  2. You can’t nominate posts you have written
  3. The nominated post must not endorse or even be vaguely supportive of cannibalism
  4. No slander/calumny/libel/slander/vilification/defamation or sorcery
  5. The post must have to do with Sri Lanka – essentially the “kottu” standard.
  6. No photo blog posts (those deserve their own tome). Use of images to illustrate a post will be scrutinised on a case by case basis by the SRCIHLCMC (Super Ruthless Committee for Ideological Hygiene and Low Country Mango Cultivation). Post like this will of course be permitted

There you go – simple no? Feel free to use the comment box in this post for your nominations 🙂


4 thoughts on “What’s the best blog post you have read THIS week?

  1. Hi Cerno, I have been planing to point this three posts for a while. Even though the posts (I happen to love series of articles rather than random ones 🙂 are bit older than “this week”, I was only able to finish reading them this week. (It takes time to digest as these with my limited knowledge of SL politics and history) The author is Dr. Pradeep Jeganathan, (I love his food as well as his writings on politics and such things) and the series is;
    Sri Lanka’s Conflict: An Interview with PACT (part iii)
    Sri Lanka’s Conflict: An Interview with PACT (part ii)
    Sri Lanka’s Conflict: An Interview with PACT (part i)
    I think the series is very relevant to the times and I hope he would agree to contribute the articles for the publication.


  2. If I am allowed to point to another article by the same author which I had to tire my brain cells. I learned more from this single article about SL political infrastructure than many books I read about SL.
    So forgive me for nominating two nominations in one go; (But I will be gone sailing soon 😉
    “The mirage of Eelam”


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