Bon Voyage Kalusudda!

Kalusudda, the official commentator of the Sri Lankan blogosphere is heading out to sea – quite literarily 🙂 On a south American cruise (seems his brother has a boat). Shockingly its supposed to be “work: (cunning fellow no?) He’ll be involved in very unenviable actives like “chasing whales, swimming with dolphins, watch soaring vultures in the vulture valley in Argentinian bad lands”. I’m sure the rest of you are thankful to be spared of such activities.

We expect wondrous stories and jaw dropping photos (at the threat of cutting his ration of Old Reserve to 1 yottalitre a day).

Needless to say I wish him and his crew safe voyaging and many happy adventures.





2 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Kalusudda!

  1. Thank you very Much Cerno. I am really about to leave for Mexico, where the boat / yacht is. I will make another post before I will leave.
    Your Kanji knowledge is much better than mine 🙂 I still write in Hiragana and Katakana 😉
    Thanks again and keep the SL Blogsphere alive.


    1. My pleasure – and looking forward to your on the sea posts. My Kanji knowledge btw is the result of Google Translate 🙂 The sentiment is the same though. Safe journeys! (I was going to use “Banzai” but I though it might be a bit inauspicious)


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