Post War Sri Lanka – sampling the discussion

Discussion of post war Sri Lanka these days is careening all over the place as it should. The hardest task will be for the government to map out policies and processes into post war reconciliation/reconstruction modes. The hard work is I hope going on quietly. At some point the Sri Lankan Diaspora (note lack of ethnic specifics) will at some-point provide some sort of hard currency support. Right now it seems everyone is squinting at patterns pointing to the future. In such situations it is always easier (and comprehendible) to focus on specific issues. Out of random I found two articles outside the blogosphere that seem interesting that blances the hopes and the challenges.

One is the task of taking care of wounded and disabled soldiers – along with the death benefits to the next of kin. Along side government funded efforts have always been private initiatives such as donating artificial to war veterans. Post war rehabilitation efforts needs to be much broader given the deaths and the injuries during the last months of the war. The Economist has an interesting overview on the issue

On a more optimistic note are the prospects for tourism. Specially in the East coast. For most of my life, talk of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka has always been about dealing with bad times. Now the popular words seem to be “potential” and “vast”.’s article on tourism prospects in  post war Sri Lanka seems to capture this mood. 

A nice change from the time when the word “potential” was more frequently used when bemoaning Sri Lanka.


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