Best day to post on

Trying to attract the highest number of eyeballs in the Sri Lankan blogosphere (which is essentially ? Then don’t post on weekends which are low traffic days. That’s based a crude analysis (casual sniff with excel) of page loads between January and May this year). The flippant conclusion of the drop in traffic is that a bulk of the audience either has a life on weekends or are too hung over to operate a web browser/RSS reader.

By contrast high traffic weekdays seems to occur between Monday and Thursdays. Which raises the scandalous suspicion that quite a lot of the kottu readership goes blog reading from work. Yes yes I’m sure you find the accusation quite shocking as well.

Read Write web has an in-depth post on the best posting times. Lorelle has a similar post which also supports the general theory that a week day post attracts the most traffic. Pro Blogger has a more subtle view that traffic patterns are a function of your target audience’s online behaviour. Not all audiences keep a working hours schedule.

Given the global scattering of the Sri Lankan Diaspora I doubt that there are specific “heavy traffic” hours on Perhaps they are such spikes for each major regional time zones which have Sri Lankan infestations. Complicating things further is the fact that not all posters and readers of share the same schedule.

Another unknown is whether the weekday traffic spike is matched by a rise in posts. If this is the case, higher traffic also means higher competition for readers. Your post will easily get washed off the first page in a flood of posts. However, if you can write posts with sex themes, express strong political opinions (without getting entangled in nuance), or a combination of the two, readership is not a problem.

This post pecked out on the cusp of a non optimal weekend has non of those things. But that’s not the point. Its out of my head and the words you have just read won’t be bouncing around my mind anymore and I can concentrate on live and death matters such as driving incrementally better.

Sadly not for long. There are more growing. An endless series of mind farts. Vut tu do no?

Happy weekend.


4 thoughts on “Best day to post on

  1. Cernomate,

    Need ya help …..can ya translate this for me ? It was left under photo of VP in my Flickr site ! Pleez ?

    lightandshadow.kovai says:

    பினிக்ஸ் பறவை போல் வருவோமட கோழைகளே, ஐந்து நாட்டு ராணுவத்தை வைத்து வெற்றிபெற்று விட்டோம் என்று சொல்வது உங்களுக்கு வெக்கமாக இல்லை.
    Posted 6 days ago. ( permalink | d


  2. Because of the huge number of site aggregated now ,posts in Kottu gets buried pretty quickly , Maybe you will get a decent amount of traffic if you make it to the popular section


  3. rajarata: Sorry I don’t know Tamil to translate it and it looks like Google Translate’s Indic language translation only works for Hindi (so far). Have to admit I’m curious to know what it means.

    Nishadha: You summed up my post quite well 🙂 Most of my traffic is coming from non kottu sources these days – mainly searches off Google. Can’t be bothered to write stuff just to get popular on Kottu – too busy flushing nutty ideas out of the brain. Have to obey the voices in the head or they’ll give me a hard time 😉


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