Essential career skill : Alcohol tolerance

Ability to function despite drinking large quantities of alchohol is a critical career skill if you want to make big bucks fast in Sri Lanka. Or for that matter, in most places — irrespectively to their official stance on alcohol. Historically most Colombo schools have offered alcohol tolerance it as a practical based self study module through extra curricular sports.

However it is time to make this essential business skill an A level subject. It will help a wider section of students to thrive in a highly competitive business/career environment.

There are two main reasons is that alcohol tollerance is an essentiall business skill:

  1. Business relationships and deals are formed through alcohol centred trust building interactions.
  2. A majority of offline social business networking and intelligence gathering occur during alcohol centric (alco-centric) activities

Both these factors operate in the timeless arena of human affairs known as after work drinks/business drinks. It is a many faceted universe. An earlier post snapshoted a sliver of Colombo’s recreational afterwork drinking scene. Yet business drinks despite its fascade of similar informally, is a serious afair. It constitutes an important part of Sri Lanka’s socio economic infrastructure.

Roughly how and why, is a long post that I’m in the process of trimming down. So stay tuned and go easy on the Old Reserve.


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