Who is facebooking me? interesting link-backs

Been getting regular traffic from Facebook though I don’t know from who or why. Which makes for quite an intriguing mystery. Then there are those people seeking to built their own radar but want to read about it in Spanish. Check out the link to see what this blog looks like in Español. The Google searches that find me are getting thankfully more mainstream. Nothing crazy like the old days when there were people wanting to get eaten by cannibals dropping by. Then there are previously unheard of search engines like searchme.

Which makes me curious enough to ask a rather old yet relevant question: what are the craziest linkbacks/key words that bring up your blog?


6 thoughts on “Who is facebooking me? interesting link-backs

  1. I had some who landed on my blog by searching for “hear thunderous pee next cubicle”, “sub-prime crisis peeing” , “want girl with thunderous pee” lol. people do actually google those?!
    All because of one small post which had some of those words.


  2. Spice: What’s the post you wrote? Looks like you had some interesting keywords in it!

    IJ Styles: Care to share any of the stranger ones?

    arkitektonic Odd indeed – and I’m a vegetarian 🙂 Then again you are writing on actually meaningful topics rather than mind dumps like me 🙂


  3. Cerno,

    I have ? ……I was just thinking mate…..what happens when someone on facebook passes away ? hmmmmm !

    Just curious !


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