Best controversial blog POST you have ever read

By controversial I mean a post that you don’t agree with but has admit it is well written, and its point well argued. Yes, a hard set of criteria which would wipe out most plain controversial posts off the list. Essentially a flame bait rants won’t fit the mould. I’m hoping that there’s at least one in the Lankanosphere. Perhaps its good enough to stick in the memory of at least one of you reading thing.

So cough it out –  where/when did you read it. What’s it about and most importantly why do you think its a good piece of argument. A true gem would be a non political post with a nice dollop of humour, Am I talking about a mythical beast or a rare bird?

Nominated posts will get into the Top 100 Sri Lankan Blog Posts in a Book Project. Remember you can’t nominate anything YOU wrote. Now on to the comment box. Banzai!


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