Peace silences defence blogs

Defeat of LTTE terrorists seems to have silenced if not quietened two high traffic Sri Lankan defence blogs – Defence Net and Defence Wire. Defence Net, the one time star of the Sri Lankan blogosphere has been post-less for over a month (last post 19 May 2009 as I write). Its rival Defence Wire hasn’t posted since early June. A stark contrast from the days when trickles of news from an information shielded war were eagerly lapped up by a hungry audience. From a blog monetization angle these blogs would be a gold mine while the war lasted.

With the outbreak of peace what kind of future waits these digital soilders? Rebirth as yet another ranting screaming political blog? Discussion sites on the esoteric world of Sri Lankan defence procurements? Perhaps there is hope for a switch from a news mode to analysis – an understandably difficult leap. The high ground of the military analysis market has already been taken by The Lone Ranger. He has already set a high standard for detailed well written posts which makes up for his low frequency of posts. Further more he has already begun internationalising his content.

The LTTE could provide some hope as it remains a global criminal organisation. They will continue to make contributions to the crime stats of their host countries. The nets and wires of defence could fish some interesting stories from the LTTE’s murky world of extortion, narco trafficking and other transitional crime.

However I think peace is a hard act to follow. In the absence of war, cricket has a monopoly on the national mind on soul. The insider contacts for the latest cricket gossip is not the same as what happened in the jungles of the Wanni. Or is it? Sri Lanka is a small world. Its amazing what you can learn if you share a few Bicardi cokes with the right people. But I’ve harped too much on that all ready.

For all its worth – a blogaspheric toast of appreciation to the blogs of war. You managed the news between the slick spin of the terrorist and clumsy government media releases. You got out some realistic sounding bytes of hope without compromising anything to the enemy. Most importantly for some people I know – something to talk about before the cricket came on.


6 thoughts on “Peace silences defence blogs

  1. maybe as the years drag by they can write factual accounts of the great battles of Eelam Wars 1 upto 4… maybe even turn it into a book? 🙂 There are a lot of holes in the public’s understanding of the sacrifices of our brave men… maybe DefenceWire/DefenceNet will step up to fill the void…


  2. with the newly expanded Army and other 3(4?) forces,with new bases in North &East may be Govt will invade Maldives first and then use it as a jump off base to invade Tamil Nadu and get 20 million ‘Soli’ prisoners to bring back to SL to work as manual labor..and the all the Webs/Blogs can start talking about the battles to invade Maldives and TN..
    may be we can expand all the way South to Diego Garcia and even South Pole,stake a claim there…


  3. Tinkers’ losing it..poor bastards like a headless chicken following the end of war… even war mongers have lost a cause..not only LTTE…


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