Happy birthday 2 T (belated)

T, the ex New York blogger behind Dance In A Triangle has written the most interesting Michael Jackson+birthday post that I’ve read – despite trying to avoid reading any sentence with the words “Michael Jackson”. Arty types may find that the post’s mix of death and birth not what they might have been expecting. As with most things Sri Lankan there’s a LTTE suicide bomb 3 years ago and relatives in the mix. All of which makes for a unusual birth day.

But it is a birthday (26th of June) so hope over the triangle and comment in you belated wishes.


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday 2 T (belated)

  1. thanks cerno, thats very sweet of you. yeah, it was a strange birthday, surrounded as it was by so much death. a tad hard to feel happy with everyone constantly reminding you of it as well.


    1. Have to admit it IS a tough load to carry. Not that I’m an expert in these matters but your birthday could be a way of affirming the aspects of healing and moving on etc.

      On a different note: cute pup (aney sveeeet as Mrs C would say)


    1. Oddly we already have one. Its an imaginary though since it would be the height of cruelty to keep it locked up in our little hovel when we are out toiling during the week. 😉 The benefit of having an imaginary dog are quite good and there’s no poo, pee or drool to clean 😉


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