Fantasy bus

Western fantasy theme vehicle graphics are rare in Sri Lanka. The image below shows the only one I have ever seen.

Fantasy theme vehicle graphics

It would seem that Anura Advertising (the most frequent credit seen on bus art work in Sri Lanka) is diversifying its themes. The composition in this example seems to be more unified than the all over Photoshop montage style that dominate Sri Lankan bus graphics. The composition swirls around the centre dominated by a seemingly serene mountain.  The eye is trapped in the midded of hemmed in by the shape of the bow and arrow clutching figrue on the right and the abstract bird wing forms on the left. There is a fusion of multi-cultural graphical elements (marked out on the photo’s flicker page). The most prominent — the large eyed bow and arrow welding character on the right clearly showing a Manga/Tolkienesque influences. The white swirly forms on the right have echoes of decorative floral forms from traditional Kandian art.

I could try to go on and on but the shallowness of my knowledge and restriction on my time forces me to keep it short. There’s plenty I could have missed so please feel free to chip in.


11 thoughts on “Fantasy bus

  1. That “Manga/Tolienesque Figure” looks to me like a stylized ‘hyped’ version of Link, the protagonist of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda video game franchise. Although Link carries a Sword not a bow.

    Ever thought of going to Anura Advertising & doing an interview C?


  2. Actually Ive been to Anura Advertising to get some stickers for my ride as well (unfortunately wasn’t fancy as that one!)…its located in Kottawa. they started out small, I believe somewhere in the late 90’s now they’ve grown to a fully fledged west cost customs style outlet. Sirasa would probably come out with their newest reality show “pimp my bus” very soon…


  3. Dili: Thank you for that info 😀 Never thought of the connection. I did tinker with the idea of checking them out but felt shy. 😐 plus there’s the risk of “exposure” as well as the dangerous temptation to commission a few stickers for my Lamborghinis. 😉

    Arkitektonic: You HAVE to write a post on your visit. It would also saves me the hassle of hoofing in Kottawa. Even if I get over my shyness and I wouldn’t want to risk one of the Murciélagos on the road to Kottawa. :mrgreen:

    “Pimp my bus” IS a good idea though. Followed by “Pimp my trishaw”. Given that most of those two types of vehicles are already pimped I suppose we’d see some extreme stuff 🙂


  4. Kirigalpoththa led me to your post on planters, and now I’ve googled my way to you independently via a bus search. Thanks for this. Will be linking to my blog). I’m somewhat fascinated by modes of transportation, especially when they become creative expressions. I love the flickr gallery. ~Anastasia


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