Sri Lankan blog post quality declining ?

With the war over, there’s nothing to yell and shout about anymore. The result is an overall drop in blog post quality in the Sri Lankan blog post quality on (essentially the Sri Lankan blogosphere however you want to argue it). Or so “they” say…

Since my posts never did have anything to do with “quality” content you wouldn’t notice much of change beyond the usual pace of decline.

Naturally I could be horribly horribly wrong. Prove that I am wrong by suggesting a few posts from the Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project. You now you should know the drill 🙂 The main rule is that you can’t nominate posts you wrote.


5 thoughts on “Sri Lankan blog post quality declining ?

  1. Hi Cerno,

    Perhaps you’re right, but here’s three examples for your consideration – all published first or exclusively on Groundviews post-war – that counter the trend you highlight. And leave aside the quality and range of interlocutors and authors, the page-views and comments for just these three articles would exceed many times over a lot of your other entries combined.

    1. An Eye Witness account of IDP Camp conditions in Sri Lanka,

    2. Re-founding Sri Lanka: Reform and Renovation,

    3. Fighting the PR War,



  2. I think so too. I don’t know because of any more war or any other reason. One may think, in peaceful time’s minor things such intelligence may get little bit better. but still I find a port or two everyday worth reading.


  3. Sanjana: Thank you. Wasn’t sure if you wanted to pull one of the posts you nominated. If so let me know.

    sam: Hope you a nominate the good one you find.

    Lard Boy: Thank you 🙂


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