Sandwich missing for 2 weeks

The Missing Sandwich – (Blog Of The Year 08) has been missing from the feed for an unusually long time – for almost 2 weeks. Her last post (dated 19 jJune 2009) is ominously titled “People Always Leave“. Optimistically most people would like to think that she’s on the sand in Unawatuna where she operates a beach front advertising agency. Of course unannounced absences from the Lankanosphere tends to get people worried. Or perhaps I have been out of the loop myself. She isn’t hard to spot – pick hair, florescent purple feather boa and generally wears a leopard print sari.


4 thoughts on “Sandwich missing for 2 weeks

  1. Worry not. I am around. Just got back from the long weekend in Unawatuna. Tried to persuade the manager of Happy Banana to give me his job. Needless to say that didn’t work. I have a million or so half written posts but just haven’t had the time to blog. Work has never been this hectic. Nice to know I’m missed though. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😀


    1. Aha! see my spies (they are everywhere) were correct! 😈 you were trying to defect to Unawatuna. Can’t image why anybody would have given away a job on the beach 😉 Good try though. Glad that you are back. All the best with the frenzies at thou place of toil.


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