Sri Lanka AIr Force jets Katunayake air base – ground level image

Found a ground level image of Sri Lanka Air Force jet aircraft on the apron at the Katunayake Air Force Base which was previously featured in my google earth video post. Details are best seen if you follow this direct link to the original high resolution image.

The photo seems to have been taken from a passenger aircraft taxing on the Katunayake International Airport runway. The SLAF Katunayake base is separated from the main runway by a line of barrels which is not high enough to cover the hangers or the apron from passing passenger aircraft.

In the foreground are the SLAF’s Hongdu JL-8 traning jets of No14 squadren. On the far right there appears to be a two seater FT-7 trainer. In the open shed in the background are two F7s and possibly a Kfir trainer operated by No 10. squadren. The unofficial SLAF blog has an image of these two aircraft alongside a Mig 27.

The image is visible on Google Earth as well as on Saman J’s account on

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