1 yes/no question blog habit survey

Do you do most of your non work related blog reading from work? A simple if not uncomfortable question. Needs to be asked. Hence this simple little polling widget thing. Excuses can be left in the comment box. Go on don’t be shy. Its just a humble anonymous mouse/trackpad button click.


11 thoughts on “1 yes/no question blog habit survey

  1. There are two kinds of bloggers as far as I know. One that admin they blog in work, and the others who lie. Apparently according to your pool, liars are the majority. As same as in our democracy.

    Just count how many new posts in Kottu every weekend and how many new comments added in weekends – there are very little in the weekend. Well, you may say, so then at least there are some people out there blog in weekend. Yes. They do. Because they work in weekends too.


  2. Some people get so addicted to blogging (and I am one of them) that if they’d start blogging at work, they wouldn’t get any work done. So it is not much of an option but to blog afterhours and on weekends.


  3. Sigma Delta: I’d say yes – if you are working and then you do non work related blogging, I’d say you are blog reading from work 🙂

    sam: so I’m and the voices in my head are not alone in our suspicions 😉 But I’m using a broader definition – just people who read non work related blogs from work. From your theory which I think is reasonably accurate, I think there’s an even bigger number.

    Kulendra: 😮 ??? explain

    ying_yang: that’s the best justification I’ve heard! and it actually makes sense (within reason of course)

    Nishadha: Sounds very responsible – doubt many have that level of discipline and self control 🙂

    Bimal: Interesting theory – blog addiction is actually making people take control of their habits just to avoid the negative effects and still maintain their addiction. I think that might be possible with blogging since its not exactly a chemical dependency in the likes of tobacco drugs or booze.

    Arkitektonic: I hope you last day at work wasn’t brought about by your blogging from work 🙂 All the best with wherever you go on to next.


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