Male pregnancy in Sri Lanka

Pregnancy is inevitable for Sri Lankan males in lower middle and above income groups. Particularly when they pass their late twenties. No offspring is in involved. Pregnancy spans (baring a radical change in diet and exercise) the male’s life time. It is not necessarily fatal but will contribute to the inconvenient health complications. That’s how medical parent sums up the “problem”. Non medical parent has caught on to offer a social science perspective.

Both have jointly developed an elaborate classification methodology. Which boils down to categorising the pot bellies of oblivious bystanders in terms a gestation. See that fellow by the door? He’s HAS to be at LEAST 6 months. Chuckle chuckle.

Their ongoing joint research indicates that Sri Lanka’s sports culture creates an environment conducive to male pregnancy. I used to think its was a tired joke on their part though I’m beginning to think otherwise. The details will involved a more long winded post – when I get around to writing it.

Till then why not answer a simple 1 question survey.


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