Help pick a social booking marking site for the Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project

I have decided to move the Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project to a social book marking system. I need some help from the people who regularly use social book marking sites about picking a service that will work best.

There are 2 main reasons I want to relocate the list of nominated posts outside my blog.

  1. it is getting too cumbersome to manage as a list of links in a blog page (its almost hitting 100)
  2. having a page with such a gob of outgoing links is not a healthy thing for this blog from a search engine point of view

I’m at a loss as to which social bookmarking site to pick. For the lack of a better criteria I have reduced the selections to two: Delicious and digg due to lack of wider knowledge on the other options. I have read their about pages etc but it hasn’t help to decide.

Complicating the problem is that the functionality I’m looking for is not your “usual” social bookmarking thing and the fact that I don’t use social book marking sites.

My key requirement is that I want to list the links to the nominated blog posts under a single page within the social book marking site. As an optional feature I’d like to have some sort of voting feature (something digg is know for).

If you know of a site that would accomplish this goal let me know. In the mean time keep posting your nomnations on this blog. Remember – you can’t nominate post you wrote.


6 thoughts on “Help pick a social booking marking site for the Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project

  1. If you use Digg, then if two or more ppl Digg a post url it’ll work as a voting system automatically. Just come up with a tag so that everybody uses it to identify the 100 post blog. 🙂


    1. I’m tilting towards Digg. Checked out but wasn’t sure if a survey format was the best – specially since there’ll be more thant a 100 posts to start with.


      1. Chaarmax suggestion is good since digging will automatically work as a voting system. I have doubts about the success of this method since I don’t find many Sri Lankans using social bookmarking services like Digg , stumbleupon . I don’t know how Digg sorts tag pages but this will make the posts that appear first get lots of votes while the 80-100 posts will hardly get a look


      2. Nishadha: Luckily, the voting part is not a priority. I just want to have the links easily manageable and on one page. The list should also be easy to access for SL bloggers as well. In your opinion, do you think it would be easier to set up the list on delicious. I’m not much into the social bookmarking stuff myself 😉


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