3 interesting Sri Lankan bloggers – part 1: The Hiker

Noticed three Sri Lankan blogs that I feel are worth pointing out  in separate posts. They have all been putting out a steady stream of interesting content. If you have loitered in the Sri Lankan blogosphere long enough I’m sure you’d have spotted them.

I’m starting with the youngest of the three (which just reached its 6th month birthday). It is called Kirigalpoththa after Sri Lanka’s second tallest (and consequently ignored) mountain.

I think Kirigalpoththa is a valuable starting point for an overview of mountain hiking trails in Sri Lanka. His posts generally contains a decent overview of the location and conditions of a trail. You don’t get flooded with an avalanche of over the top detail. If you are interested it behoves you to make contact and get more info.

The posts make for easy reads – specially for an impatient desk bound gona like Cerno – and carry an unpretentious photograph or two of some stunning scenery. These include mountain top views – like the one from the Top of Naula mountain that most of us would have otherwise never see. There are also some amazing waterfalls like the Bambarakanda waterfall (translates as “Bee’s/Wasps mountain”) with a no nonsense run down of hiking situation in a few bullet points.

Besides some jaw dropping waterfalls he also points out some interesting archaeological spots such as the Fa Hien cave. For those who just want the pictures, he’s put them up on a Picasa account – which also marks the locations of the images on a map!

I can’t think of a better form of post war geoblogging.

Check back tomorrow for the post about the other Blogger. Till then I’ll leave you to wonder the mountains and wish Kirigalpoththa a happy blog birthday.

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