3 interesting Sri Lankan bloggers – part 2: The Puppeteer

The Puppeteer is a personal blog that fires off edgy eclectic posts in the calibre of Madam Divine and the Lankansophere’s official parasitologist. its been around more than a year though the Puppeteer her self claims to have had previous incarnations as a Blogger.

The Puppeteer’s most interesting distinctiveness are her drawings. Particularly her darker cartoon style characters exemplified by “Psycho-woman”. I think it is a particularly good piece of pencil work that deserves to be refined into an animated character. I’m quite sure that the Puppeteer has a stash of interesting stories for bringing this character to life. Daily life in Sri Lanka should certainly provide material to create interesting stories for this character to inhabit.

Along side the drawings and observations of daily insanity, the Puppeteer also digs up some funny nuggets off the world wide void such as the hilarious “hotel Keralafonia“. Like many of the Puppeteer’s posts it may not be for everyone. However I think her writing had a wider audience. You might be part of that crowd and there’s only one way to find out.

Amazing I didn’t used the phrase “no strings attached” until now 😉

3 thoughts on “3 interesting Sri Lankan bloggers – part 2: The Puppeteer

  1. The Puppeteer A pleasure 🙂 hope you put down pencil to paper more often too. Quite sure that the world could do with a few shocks from your ‘psycho-woman’ 😈

    Sigma Delta: I agree – makes the original song too serious by comparison 🙂


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