3 interesting Sri Lankan bloggers – part 3: Aamina Nizar, photoblogger

Update 2015 : Aamina has a new blog: aaminanizar.wordpress.com check it out.

Aamina Nizar’s photoblog is the “eldest” of the three Sri Lankan blogs I want to introduce. Its focus is Sri Lanka and our gigantic neighbour, the continent of colour. Mumbai based Aamina has recently captured one of India’s more exotic corners: Ladakh – one of three places I have always wanted to visit. I particularly like the way her images of everyday details are captured to look both spontaneous and carefully composed. I came across her blog only after she posted an insightful comment on the experience of going to a Islamic girl’s school in Sri Lanka.

She’s now based in the continent of colour where her work is best seen than be described by my prattle. So off you go. I recommend her images of Ladakh as a starting point (only because I’ve always wanted to go there.)


5 thoughts on “3 interesting Sri Lankan bloggers – part 3: Aamina Nizar, photoblogger

  1. Thanks KGP…!

    @ Cerno…hoping to visit North-East India and Sikkim next year…hope I get the chance to..lets see how it goes…next on my list is Rajasthan though…


    1. 😀 looks like you are hot on the trails of colour – though I hope you are not planning to go in mid year heat. Hope you manage to get to Bhutan when you get to North-East India next year.


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